Radiance ®

  • Radiance® Rated Lifetime is 1200 hours!
  • Radiance® gives you value and results!
  • Our exclusive phosphor blend maintains the performance throughout the lifetime of Radiance® lamps.
  • Compatible with dozens of OEM* lamps.

– Explore Your Tanning Options! –


  • Most closely matches the sun’s rays. Also available in VHO for Very High Output systems


  • Most popular for its powerful performance. Engineered to produce immediate color and lasting results.


  • Intense concentration of UVB that provides immediate color.


  • Maximum doses of UVB for tanners with skin type 3 or higher.


  • Designed only for the Sundash 2. Lasts longer and out-performs the original lamp.
  • Consider our most popular lamp and upgrade to, Radiance® Plus or Radiance® Black!

Compatibility Sheets (PDF Download)

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